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Why do we need coaching?

Sometimes, on our life journey, we need guidance.

There are moments in life when we need to decide which road to choose, learn how to approach life challenges in new, creative way, how to change old patterns that are not serving us any more.

Through building awareness of what our body is telling us, and developing agency to decide how to react on choices that appear on our path, embodiment coaching helps us develop our full potential by tapping into our own inner wisdom.

Our life path will often bring us in front of public – to teach, facilitate, offer our services.. and for many it will be a source of stress and anxiety. Embodiment techniques will help us overcome the fear of being seen, and thus improve our positive impact on the world.

Ranko Ceric is Aikido teacher, certified embodiment and trauma coach.

He is using his martial arts experience and embodiment knowledge to help his clients overcome stress, trauma and realise their life purpose.


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