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Pan Flute

Pan Flute – Let’s Engage in Climate Action is an Erasmus+ small scale partnership project that is built by three partner organizations from Croatia, Romania and Latvia, to address environmental issues and climate change, create new, innovative and joined curricula and develop green skills.

The aim of project Pan Flute is to increase the quality of the work of involved organizations by creating and testing methodology for shifting the minds of youth towards environmental issues, raising awareness of environmental problems, addressing the rising problem of eco-anxiety and engaging in the climate action.

To reach this aim we plan to create a methodology of Eco-activism youth work in the form of a handbook that can be implemented by any NGO to start this kind of work in their local and regional context, to test the methodology directly in real situations and improve it according to the reality of the three communities involved in the project and to increase the organizational capacity for eco-activism youth work of the three organizations involved and their local and regional partners.

The methodology leans on three pillars:

1. Shinrin Yoku, Japanese concept of appreciating nature and live in harmony with it as a basis for Nonviolent Communication (based on the principles of martial art Aikido and Morihei Ueshiba school of thought);

2. Eco-centric (ecology centred) Mental health Resilience;

3. Volunteering as a Tool for youth development and a Human resource engine for sustainable efficient action

We believe that one of the solutions for real change lies in linking youth with surroundings, environment and nature. Our aim is to help youth to discover and create a personal story with nature, to connect to the environment in a new and unique way, each individual in its own capacity and interest. This reconnection, as researches show, powerfully affects connections in the community – with other people, not just with peers but it also opens to intergenerational solidarity and compassion with everything alive.

To achieve the result of real change it is of crucial importance to involve youth in the process of keeping, restoring and caring for nature. To make the biggest impact possible we will build a manual as a collection of ideas, invitations and inspiration for every youth worker and NGO who wants to go into that direction.

Once that youth create their own personal link to nature and environment around them the possibility of real change and protection of our fragile world becomes real.

So, Let’s engage!

Project partners:

Pan Flute project is co-funded by the European Union
Co-funded by the European Union